Ski jumping workshop ski jumping for anyone

In the ski jumping workshop you can feel like an eagle!

Anyone who wants to experience ski jumping on their own can get a taste of this exciting sport at ICO. On the youth hills in the impressive Audi Arena in Oberstdorf, where the Four Hills Tournament takes place every year, you step by step from driving down the hill to smaller and larger jumps. Guided by the former official DSV mental coach Peter Tümmers, who already accompanied Martin Schmitt and Sven Hannawald on the hills, immerse themselves in the world of ski jumping. Valuable tips from the mental professional are included. From "crossing boundaries with care" to saving euphoric "Trau-dich-Bilder", which will be preserved for a long time as a personal souvenir anchor.

Spectacular but harmless

For all the intensity of the experience, you are never more than 30 cm from the safe ground on the junior hills. The only requirement: You can ski on a blue ski slope with alpine skis. You dare!
Also in the summer: In the summer you jump on mats.


Insider insights and backgrounds, with exclusive tour through the "catacombs" of the Audi Arena and of course your photos of the day will be unforgotten forever.


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